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Sentient Deploys v3 of the Ample® Analytics Platform 

Sept. 10, 2015 - Sentient Energy installed the latest version of its Ample® Analytics platform at two major utilities last month. Ample is the data repository, integration platform, and suite of grid analytics applications that support Sentient MM3 intelligent sensor deployments. 

“This is an important milestone for us as Ample v3 is all about scalability,” said Mukunda Saddi, Sentient Energy’s VP, Software Development. “Our production deployments have reached the point where we need to support tens of thousands of sensors that continuously monitor the distribution grid and report and analyze a variety of network events.” 

Ample was developed from the ground up to support sensors communicating on Silver Spring Networks RF Mesh, Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream® networks, cellular networks -- or a hybrid mixture of communications technology. Built on proven, modern technology, Ample is equally at home in the cloud or in the utility’s data center. 

Ample v3 will be generally available in the fourth quarter, 2015.

Sentient MM3™ Sensors Prove Reliable in the Harshest Climate Conditions

For a true Smart Grid, "reliability" means reliable power but also reliable equipment. 

Aug. 3, 2015 - Most of the world's electrical distribution grid is located outdoors and exposed to the elements 24/7. Distribution line sensors/fault detectors that hang from electrical lines must operate reliability in all weather conditions.Over the past 18 months, Sentient Energy customers have deployed Sentient MM3™ intelligent sensors in three of the harshest and most diverse environments in North America: Death Valley, California, where temperatures reach north of 120 0F, the Canadian province of Manitoba where winter temperatures can dip to -30C and below, and South Florida, where coastal conditions feature highly corrosive saline environments. In all three deployments, MM3 sensors have proven to be highly reliable and highly resilient to changing weather conditions. "Building an electronic device that is very capable while also being very reliable is not easy but it is essential in the electric utility business," says Mark Sloan, Sentient Energy Vice President of Manufacturing and Chief Quality Officer. "Our customers demand reliability."

Sentient MM3 intelligent sensors have no solar panels to clean, no batteries to change and no pole-mounted equipment is required. Reliability and low operating costs are key features of Sentient's monitoring solutions.


Sentient ArcShield™ Protects Distribution Line Equipment from Traveling Arc Damage

July 9, 2015 -- Sentient Energy has developed the Sentient ArcShield™ which effectively protects distribution line conductors from damage caused by traveling arcs. Traveling arcs can be caused by faulty equipment, vegetation encroachment, or lightning strikes. When deployed with a Sentient MM3™ distribution line monitor, the Sentient ArcShield will prevent a traveling arc from damaging the line monitor and, most importantly, the conductor (watch video). This protection allows the MM3™ distribution line monitor to effectively record the traveling arc occurrence and alerts the utility to these potentially damaging events. Read More

Sentient Growing Strong

June 18, 2015 -- Sentient Energy is undertaking a significant company expansion to meet surging demand for its Sentient MM3 Intelligent Sensor/cFCI® Fault Detectors and Grid Analytics System. “Successful pilot projects at several major utilities are resulting in significant new orders,” said Sentient Energy CEO, Jim Keener. “We are ramping up our manufacturing capacity and software development to meet this demand. We expect this trend to continue as the utility industry continues to recognize the positive contribution Sentient Energy grid monitoring and analytics solutions offer for improved safety and reliability in electric distribution systems.”

Sentient is doubling the size of its Burlingame, CA corporate headquarters. The new facilities will be open in July, 2015. The company has added more than 20 new engineers in the past 12 months -- nine so far in this year -- and has opened a second office in Santa Clara, CA to be closer to our manufacturing center. Sentient has increased its manufacturing capacity from 4,000 units in 2014 to 20,000 this year and will double it again in 2016. The additional office space and added staff will support manufacturing, software development and operations as well as sales and customer support. 

Smart Grid Today names Jim Keener "Smart Grid Pioneer"

May 13, 2015 -Sentient Energy, Inc., a leading Engineering and Solutions company offering advanced grid monitoring and analytics systems for electric utilities, has announced that James Keener, CEO, has been named “2015 Smart Grid Pioneer” by Smart Grid Today, a leading publication serving the smart grid industry since 2009. Read more.

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