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Watch the video below at Distributech as Sentient Energy, CEO, Jim Keener explains the key role that distribution grid analytics will play in the future reliability initiatives for electric utilities faced with increasing distributed generation.


“Smart Grid News” selects Sentient Energy as “Smart Grid Company to Watch” in 2016
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Sentient Energy Wins 2016 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award
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Sentient Energy makes power delivery safe, reliable and solar ready.

Sentient’s Grid Analytics System makes the grid safe, reliable and solar ready. It combines intelligent sensors easily deployable on any powerline with powerful management and analytics applications enabling utilities to detect faults, preempt problems and deliver dependable power.

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Manitoba Hydro SelectsSentient Energy 4G LTE Enabled Cellular Grid Analytics to Drive Success of “Worst Feeder Program” 

Burlingame, Calif.,May 12, 2017–Sentient Energy, Inc., a leading provider of advanced grid monitoringand analytics solutionsfor electric utilities,today announced that Manitoba Hydro has selected the Sentient Grid Analytics System and MM3™ distribution grid sensorsto support the utility’s “Worst Feeder Program” initiative.  The Sentient Energy platform will allow Manitoba Hydro to identify system faults faster and restore power to more customers in a shorter period of time at the most critical points on its distribution grid.The Sentient MM3 Sensors offer built-in support of the latest generation 4G LTE cellular communications technology as well as 3G and other legacy cellular standards in each unit, providing Manitoba Hydro with the highest availability, reliability, and widest coverage via cellular networks in the world today.  The Sentient Grid Analytics System and MM3 Sensors will also enable Manitoba Hydro to monitor peak load, detect anomalies that could lead to future service interruptions, and quickly pinpoint faults faster for significant improvements in power reliability.

Headquarted in Winnipeg, Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation and the Canadian province of Manitoba’s major energy utility, serving 567,634 electric customers throughout Manitoba and 276,858 natural gas customers in various communities throughoutsouthern Manitoba. The capital efficiency provided by Sentient’s Grid Analytics System continues to perform as a market leader compared to other reliability improvement programs. Implementing this project, Manitoba will continue benefitting from Sentient’s proven return on investment, already recognized at major utilities across North America.

After extensive field testing, Manitoba Hydro chose the Sentient Grid Analytics System and  MM3 Sensors for their accuracy and reliability, multiple expansion options via easy addition of backend and in-sensor software,  quick and easy deployment and provisioning, power harvesting technology that requires no additional pole-mounted equipment, and support for the latest generation 4G LTE cellular communications. The 4G LTE will offerthe “Worst Feeder Program” faster, more reliable data communications providing Manitoba with 24/7 grid monitoring, even at locations with limited accessibility during Winter months.

Sentient’s 4G LTE-compatible grid analytics and sensor platform can be quickly deployed with virtually no additional infrastructure costs, making it an ideal option for utilities without a suitable Distribution Automation network, or that have service areas that extend beyond the reach of their network.



Landis+Gyrand Sentient Energy Extend Edge Computing Capabilities of Grid Sensors 

Next gen radio delivers more transmit power, advanced security and communication options 

Atlanta, GA and Burlingame, Feb. 1, 2016 – Landis+Gyr and Sentient Energy announced the integration of Landis+Gyr’s Network Node radio into the S610 Line Sensor developed by Sentient Energy, increasing the transmission range and edge computing capabilities of the device.

Landis+Gyr’s Network Node delivers greater transmission output and computing power than previous radio designs in a small, coin-sized package. At the same time, it supports multiple communication protocols, including IPv6 and advanced security. This makes it an excellent choice for integration into a vast array of grid devices where edge computing capabilities are required. Additionally, the power supply design of the radio allows the S610 to harvest operational energy from lower voltage lines, expanding deployment opportunities for utilities.

“The S610 is a key part of our connected platform of intelligent distribution devices and the Network Node’s advance in integrated radio technology will bring value for any sensing application,” said John Radgowski, Vice President of Solutions Product Management at Landis+Gyr. “The ability to automate the flow of sensor data and enable remote decision-making is the backbone of our network platform.”

The S610 Line Sensor is an intelligent fault sensor that further extends the distribution monitoring capabilities of Landis+Gyr’s RF mesh network for distribution automation. It delivers fault location and accurate load logging from any point on the distribution network, improving visibility of distribution grid performance.  The device is capable of sensing current, conductor temperature and voltage characteristics.

“The amount of data that S610 line sensors and analytics systems process is growing exponentially as the devices are becoming more intelligent,” explains Sentient Energy CEO, Jim Keener. “That means that more and more of the processing will have to be done on the device. The Network Node provides superior distributed processing and faster data communications necessary to make grid sensors and analytics more intelligent and efficient.”

Sentient Energy line sensor deployments at leading U.S. utilities have demonstrated significant improvements in System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI).

About Sentient Energy, Inc.

Sentient Energy makes power delivery safe, reliable and solar ready. We provide the industry’s only Grid Analytics System that covers the entire distribution network with quickly deployed intelligent sensors and analytics that identify and analyze potential faults and other grid events. Sentient Energy leads the market with the largest mesh network line sensor deployments in North America, and partnerships with Landis+Gyr and other leading utility network providers. For more information, visit www.sentient-energy.com.

About Landis+Gyr Landis+Gyr is the leading global provider of integrated energy management products tailored to energy company needs and unique in its ability to deliver true end-to-end advanced metering solutions. Today, the Company offers the broadest portfolio of products and services in the electricity metering industry, and is paving the way for the next generation of smart grid. With annualized sales of more than US$1.5 billion, Landis+Gyr, an independent growth platform of the Toshiba Corporation (TKY:6502) and 40% owned by the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, operates in 30 countries across five continents, and employs 5,500 people with the sole mission of helping the world manage energy better. More information is available at www.landisgyr.com.


Sentient Energy Expands Intelligent Analytics to Entire Distribution Grid  

Intelligent Distribution Line Monitors Can Now Be Deployed even where No Amperage is Available


SAN DIEGO, CA – January 31, 2017 –Sentient Energy, Inc., a leading provider of advanced grid monitoring and analytics solutions to electric utilities for safe and reliable power delivery, today announced its new Sentient ZM1™ zero amperage grid monitor for deployment on cellular and mesh networks at “DistribuTECH 2017.”


The Sentient ZM1 is the world’s first advanced line monitor that can be deployed on distribution lines even where no or very-low amperage is available to power monitoring devices, including laterals, feeder tie points and rural distribution circuits.The new line sensor allows utilities to expand fault detection, disturbance oscillography and intelligent analytics to the entire distribution grid, resulting in increased safety and significant improvements in System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI).


“This is a major industry breakthrough for distribution grid reliability,” said Sentient Energy CEO, Jim Keener. “With our MM3 and ZM1 monitors, Utilities will now be able to cost-effectively detect and identify anomalies in any grid location that could cause service disruptions before they occur, or pinpoint the cause of an outage for fast service restoration.”


The ZM1 communicates via either3G/4G cellular networks, Silver Spring Networks or Landis+Gyrmesh communications. No additional pole mounted equipment is required to connect with the line monitors.


The ZM 1operates completely maintenance free for 10 years or more on batteries, which are field replaceable for continued use of the ZM1 for many more years, and can be dispositioned via standard recycling. The Sentient ZM1 is an excellent complement to single-phase reclosers, assessing their effectiveness and identifying the reclosure cause. The ZM1 records and communicates both the event leading to the reclosure and the operation itself, closing the information gap presented by today’s non-communicating reclosures.


DistribuTECH 2017 attendees can view and learn more about the Sentient ZM1 at Sentient Energy Booth #1025, Silver Spring Networks’ Booth #2831, or Landis+Gyr Booth #2413.



Sentient Energy Announces Intelligent “Disturbance Analytics” Capability Enabling Utilities to Reduce Frequency of Service Interruptions

 New capability leverages advanced analytics to mitigate momentary outages, prevent sustained outages and identify power quality issues

 Burlingame, CA January 27, 2017 – Sentient Energy, Inc., a leading provider of advanced grid monitoring and analytics solutions to electric utilities for safe and reliable power delivery, today announced the availability of its “Disturbance Analytics” capability with the latest version of the company’s Grid Analytics System.

The electric grid experiences disturbances, or deviations from the steady-state power flow, thousands of times each day on every feeder under load. Always-on line sensors with powerful oscillography, such as Sentient’s Master Monitor 3 (MM3™), capture these disturbances in detail, classify them by type, and focus on the waveform signatures of potential equipment failures and indicators of incipient service disruption.

With intelligent sensors and Disturbance Analytics in place, these power flow deviations no longer remain undetected. They offer a powerful tool to direct preemptive patrol and maintenance crews to affected grid locations, effectively enabling utilities to avoid potential momentary and sustained service disruptions and reduce outage frequency, resulting in both Momentary Average Interruption Frequency Index (MAIFI) System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) reductions.  This presents a major enhancement to traditional Distribution Management Systems (DMS) that can only manage sustained service outages after they occur and have been reported by field equipment. It also reduces dependence on field inspections of critical overhead and underground equipment to identify potential failure points.

“Reducing MAIFI and SAIFI with Disturbance Analytics is yet another benefit that our customers can activate on their line sensor fleet with a one-click over the air software update,“ explains Sentient Energy CEO, Jim Keener. “This is the first of many impactful new applications we are now delivering with our Grid Analytics System, and truly proves out why intelligent line sensors are an indispensable grid transformation technology.”

“Disturbance Analytics” is available in February 2017 with Sentient’s Grid Analytics System 1.5 release and requires only a remote software update to download to deployed MM3 line sensors. No field visit is necessary. Sentient Energy will showcase this application at DistrubTECH 2017 booth #1025, in San Diego, January 31 – February 2, 2017.






Sentient Energy was honored as a finalist in the 2016 Platts Global Energy Awards “Rising Star – Company” category. The 2016 Finalists were chosen from over 170 nominees from 30 nominating countries

(See Full Sentient Energy Platts Global Energy Award Profile).



Sentient Energy to Add Speed, Coverage, and       
Reliability to Electric Grid Analytics with AT&T Connectivity

Sentient Energy sensors and analytics certified for large scale deployment on AT&T 4G LTE Cellular Networks

BURLINGAME, CA, October 20, 2016 – – Sentient Energy has announced that it is collaborating with AT&T to improve the safety and reliability of electric service to smart cities, consumers, and commerce. The two companies have joined forces to bring Sentient’s leading line sensors and Grid Analytics System to electric utilities on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

Equipped with high resolution oscillography, Sentient’s MM3™ sensors reliably detect faults and fault precursors on electric power lines, and enable the safe integration of rooftop solar and other distributed energy resources (DER) into the grid. With Sentient’s Grid Analytics System, utilities quickly restore power and avoid outages by predicting and preventing failures.

MM3™ sensors with AT&T wireless connectivity do not require any pole-mounted equipment and provide important grid operations information in near real-time by connecting to the AT&T network.

“AT&T is dedicated to providing the Utility Industry with innovative IoT technologies,” said Mike Zeto, General Manager and Executive Director AT&T Smart Cities and IoT. “By teaming with Sentient Energy, we utilize our global 4G LTE network to help utilities make the grid more reliable, safer and more efficient.”

“Sentient leads the market with the largest line sensor deployments in North America,” added Michael Bauer, Sentient Energy President and Founder. “We look forward to growing our deployments of the Grid Analytics System on AT&T’s pervasive 4G LTE network at many of our customers, including PG&E, KCPL, Manitoba Hydro, and New Brunswick Power.”

Sentient Energy has been recognized as one of the “2016 Top 15 Smart Grid Companies to Watch,” by the editors of “Smart Grid News,” a winner of “the 2016 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award,” and was recently named a finalist in the “Rising Star – Company” category of the “Platts Global Energy Awards.”







Sentient Energy Selected as 2016 Platts Global Energy Awards Finalist

Winners to be Recognized at December 8 New York Gala

Burlingame, Calif. (September 29, 2016) – Sentient Energy announced today that it has been selected as a Finalist in the 2016 Platts Global Energy Awards.

Energy companies from 25 countries have been selected as Finalists. The 2016 Finalists, chosen from over 170 nominees from 30 nominating countries, were announced by program host S&P Global Platts, the leading global provider of energy and commodities information and spot market benchmarks.

Sentient Energy will be competing with 11 other exceptional companies for the “Rising Star – Company” award. Sentient Energy develops, manufactures and sells power-grid analytics systems for leading electric utilities. Sentient’s Grid Analytics System consists of MM3® intelligent line sensors, distributed software apps, and the Sentient Ample® Analytics Suite.

Sentient Energy line sensors have been referred to as the new ‘wearables’ for the electric grid. Along with Sentient Energy’s analytics software, their ability to detect and define anomalies are helping major North American Utilities reduce the number and duration of service disruptions, and to anticipate and remediate problems before they occur. As the growth of distributed solar power continues to transform the electric distribution grid from single to bidirectional power flow, Sentient Energy sensors and analytics will provide the grid intelligence necessary to maintain safety and efficiency in this new distributed model.

Established in 1999 and often described as “the Oscars of the energy industry,” the Platts Global Energy Awards highlight corporate and individual innovation, leadership and superior performance in 18 categories that span the entire energy complex.

Hundreds of energy industry representatives are expected to attend the 2016 Platts Global Energy Awards black-tie dinner gala in New York City on December 8. The awards program will be emceed by CNBC Reporter Jackie DeAngelis.



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Sentient Energy and Landis+Gyr Announce ‘Plug-and-Play’ Capability for S610 Line Sensors Deployed on Landis+Gyr’s Distribution Automation Network

New capability significantly improves deployment efficiency of intelligent fault sensors

Burlingame, CA and Atlanta, GA, Sept. 8, 2016 – Sentient Energy, Inc. and Landis+Gyr announced a new automated provisioning capability for Landis+Gyr’s S610 Line Sensor. As a result, this intelligent fault circuit indicator, developed by Sentient Energy, can now be deployed as a plug-and-play network component in Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream® Distribution Intelligence solution.

“By further automating this part of the deployment process, utilities more quickly realize benefits in the field,” said John Radgowski, Vice President of Solutions Product Management at Landis+Gyr. “In addition to substantial time and cost savings on each unit deployed, the ability to place sensors anywhere in the network without prior programming streamlines the planning process for faster return on investment.”

A key feature of Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream solution is the ability to bring distributed intelligence to any device on the network to further automate decision making and utility workflows. The S610 Line Sensor’s unique, plug-and-play capability is enabled by a built-in GPS functions and a precision clock that provides both location and micro-second accurate time information.

“Our mesh network line sensor deployments are the largest in North America,” said Jim Keener, CEO of Sentient Energy. “The S610 is the most advanced fault circuit indicator and line sensor available for use in smart grid networks powered by Landis+Gyr. The sensor can now use the built-in capabilities and intelligence already in the device to help utilities manage inventory, speed deployment and deliver a more reliable and responsive distribution grid.”

Sentient Energy and Landis+Gyr have already shipped or deployed more than 2,000 line sensors with this capability, and expect shipments to increase rapidly in 2016 and 2017.

The S610 Line Sensor is an intelligent fault sensor that further extends the distribution monitoring capabilities of Landis+Gyr’s RF mesh network for distribution automation. It delivers fault location and accurate load logging from any point on the distribution network, improving visibility of distribution grid performance. Additionally, the device is a power harvesting sensor that generates necessary power from the current flowing in the distribution line and is capable of sensing current, conductor temperature and voltage characteristics. Sentient Energy line sensor deployments at leading U.S. utilities have demonstrated significant improvements in System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI). Landis+Gyr Press Release


The Growth of Distributed Renewable Energy Demanding More Intelligent Grid Sensors and Analytics (Read Article)



Sentient Energy Wins 2016 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award


Burlingame, Calif., June 9, 2016 – Sentient Energy, Inc., a leading provider of advanced grid monitoring and analytics solutions to electric utilities for safe and reliable power delivery,announced today it had been selected as a winner for Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region. Winners were announced at special Red Herring 100 North America awards ceremony on Wednesday evening, June 8, at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa.

Red Herring has been selecting the most exciting and promising start-ups and growth companies since 1995. Sentient Energy was selected from a large pool of candidates across North America based on the company’s technological innovation, management strength, IP and patents, proof of concept, market size, investor record, customer acquisition and financial health. During the several months leading up to the announcement, hundreds of companies in the fields of security, Web 2.0, software, hardware, life sciences, cloud, mobile and others completed their submissions to qualify for the award.

“We are extremely proud that ‘Red Herring 100’ has recognized Sentient Energy for its outstanding vision, market strategy, and execution,” said Sentient Energy CEO, Jim Keener. “We look forward to continued success as our industry-leading technology continues to build market share among the nation’s top electric utilities.”

“The ‘Red Herring 100’ joins an impressive list of awards that Sentient Energy has garnered over the past several years,” added Sentient Energy President and Founder, Michael Bauer. “It is a testament to the hard work and quality of our management team and staff, to the faith and commitment of our investors, and to our utility customers who are making their work and their customers’ lives better with our exceptional technology.”


Sentient Energy – Taking reliability to a new level


In a new digital economy where uninterrupted electrical service to homes is as crucial as service to business and industry, utilities are continually trying to improve outage restoration times or prevent them from happening in the first place.

And Sentient Energy is on the verge of taking service reliability to a whole new level. (read more)


At Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Dinner, Sentient Energy President and Founder, Michael Bauer, explains how company will help transform the grid to accommodate rapid growth in distributed renewable energy.


Industrial Automation Innovation Leader Joins Sentient Energy as Vice President of Sales

0011RSentient Energy, Inc., provider of the utility industry’s only Grid Analytics System that covers the entire distribution network with quickly deployed intelligent sensors and analytics, today announced it has appointed Venkat Bahl as Vice President of Sales.

A senior sales, business development, and marketing executive, Bahl joins Sentient Energy with more than 19 years of experience selling innovative products and systems into industrial automation, engineering and commercial markets. At Emerson Electric, a Fortune Global 500 Company with 2015 sales of more than $22 billion, Bahl grew sales of wireless automation products over twenty-fold in four years, helping create a $300M annual business for the Process Management Division. Bahl also achieved an outstanding track record as a sales and marketing leader at companies including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leader, Apprion; IoT timing expert, Discera; and ZigBee pioneer, Ember Corporation.

“Aggressive initiatives by Utilities to improve grid reliability and safety, coupled with the rapid evolution of distributed energy resources, is driving strong demand for our intelligent sensors and advanced grid analytics,” said Sentient Energy CEO, Jim Keener. “Venkat Bahl’s exceptional success in building and managing sales teams that succeed at selling groundbreaking innovation into traditional industries undergoing a paradigm shift, will be invaluable in helping us to achieve our aggressive growth targets and providing a smooth transition to a significantly larger customer base.”

Sentient Energy’s MM3™ distribution grid sensors feature the company’s proprietary Waveform analysis technology that captures high-resolution oscillography associated with faults and network events anywhere on the distribution grid and wirelessly transmits key data or the entire waveform, as needed, to its proprietary Ample™ analytics platform for further analysis. This allows utilities to identify potential issues and perform preventative maintenance to avoid outages. In December 2015, Sentient Energy announced a deployment of more than 20,000 MM3 intelligent sensors covering Florida Power & Light’s (FPL) 42,000-mile overhead service area (see cover story in T&D World).

Metamorphosis of Grid into Distributed Model Will Drive Need for Better Grid Analytics Technologies

Sentient-Energy customer, FPL,  delivers best-ever service reliability in 2015, reducing outages to lowest rate on record



FPL Heralds Benefits, Savings from Smart Grid, AMI


Sentient Energy sensors contribute to $46 million in customer savings



Smart Grid Getting Smarter as New Technology Reduces Outage Time for PG&E Customers

PGE Video Grab

Already a leader in adopting smart grid technology, PG&E has deployed cutting-edge equipment that will pinpoint the location of outages and speed up restoration.


Sentient Energy Announces Release of Ample™ Analytics 3.0

New version of grid analytics platform will analyze high-resolution oscillography waveforms to identify and analyze grid events.


Sentient Energy Intelligent Sensors & Grid Analytics a Hot Topic at DistribuTECH 2016

Conference tracks to include four Sentient Energy customers that will discuss the deployment of sensors for grid analytics on distribution grid to improve grid reliability.


Sentient Energy Signs Deal with Florida Power & Light to Deliver 20,000 Distribution Line Sensors

Contract will result in world’s largest intelligent sensor deployment, covering entire FPL service territory.


T&D World Magazine: Sensors Raise System Intelligence

FPL distribution grid sensor deployment is aimed at increasing grid resiliency, preventing outages and reducing service restoration times.


Sentient energy.
A Complete Grid Analytics System.

Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System consists of intelligent sensors, distributed apps and the Ample Analytics suite.

Sentient’s flagship, the MM3™, is an intelligent oscilloscope with high-performance sensors featuring substation-class measurement, computing and processing capabilities. Much like modern smart phones, Sentient MM3s can accept new apps downloaded over-the-air and be configured to meet the utility’s evolving needs.

MM3s locally capture and process detailed data at many points along the network and communicate specific alerts and analyses to SCADA or Ample™ Analytics modules for feeder or system wide studies. This decentralized approach maximizes the amount of information gathered in the field while minimizing the amount of data transmitted.


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