Reducing the duration and frequency of customer outages has long been the goal of traditional faulted circuit indicators (FCIs). Recently, smarter more capable sensors, such as the Sentient’s MM3™ line monitor, have been called upon to fill this role while providing richer operational data in a more reliable package.

Sentient line sensors are often integrated with the utility’s SCADA or DMS, and used to augment existing outage management and restoration processes. By placing MM3s strategically at primary switching points, the sensors will provide benefits including easier and quicker identification of fault locations that result in shorter outage durations. The MM3 will communicate where fault current is detected, and use an onboard LED to indicate this fault current detection to the local field crew.

Utilities may choose to further isolate outages and pinpoint their locations by using MM3s between primary switch locations on significantly loaded laterals or on long laterals where patrolling is difficult or impossible. This will drastically decrease patrol time and thereby shorten outage durations by communicating fault information immediately to the SCADA or DMS.

  • Key Features Include

  • Fault current measurement
  • Fault magnitude measurement
  • Multiple fault detection algorithms and in-rush restraint options
  • Fault waveform (oscillography) capture
  • Loss-of-source detection
  • Impervious to adjacent fields and high-frequency false tripping
  • IEEE 495-2007 compliant
  • NIST traceable fault and load measurements
  • Immediate confirmation of service restoration

Fault detection is one application available on the Sentient MM3 line monitor. In addition to the cFCI application, applications are available for interval load logging (Log-I) and high-resolution oscillography capture (Waveform).