Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System consists of intelligent sensors, distributed apps and the Ample Analytics suite.

Sentient Energy’s flagship, the MM3™, is an intelligent oscilloscope with high-performance sensors featuring substation-class measurement, computing and processing capabilities. Much like modern smart phones, Sentient Energy MM3s can accept new apps downloaded over-the-air and be configured to meet the utility’s evolving needs.

MM3s locally capture and process detailed data at many points along the network and communicate specific alerts and analyses to SCADA or Ample™ Analytics modules for feeder or system wide studies. This decentralized approach maximizes the amount of information gathered in the field while minimizing the amount of data transmitted.

Intelligent Sensors

Sentient Energy’s MM3™ Line Monitor is a powerful Linux-based sensor platform designed to be the basis of a diverse set of distributed applications deployed across the grid. The MM3™ itself is outfitted with a sophisticated set of sensors which are carefully calibrated at the factory for full NIST traceability. This sensing and measurement capability includes current, conductor temperature and voltage characteristics as well as an onboard accelerometer, GPS for location and precision clock, and secure Bluetooth® for local communications. Wireless communications is included in the MM3™ allowing all data, notifications and updates to be communicated over the air.

Distributed Applications

MM3-based apps such as cFCI® are wirelessly configurable allowing parameters to be adjusted as needed to address changing requirements and unique situations. Parameters can be altered “over the air” at any time to all or a subset of MM3s. Operating system and application software can also be upgraded wirelessly, as needed, to ensure many years of reliable service.

Ample Analytics Platform

The Ample™ Analytics platform records that data, analyzes it over time and provides the Engineer with feeder, circuit and system-wide insights. Ample™ simplifies large deployments by managing the sensors from manufacturing through provisioning and configuration. Installations of 10s to 1000s of monitors are practical with Ample’s group management feature allowing for the logical grouping of devices to aid in administration, reporting, and analysis. Ample™ includes all the tools needed to install, manage and leverage an extensive line monitoring deployment.

Flexible deployment allows hosting at our data Center or yours. Ample™ has been designed and developed to offer flexible deployment options. Ample™ is offered as a fully hosted solution that enables the utility to get started quickly with minimal IT investment. The Ample™ hosted solution includes all required data center hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades, and IT support, with the data stored securely in Sentient Energy’s data center. Optionally, Ample™ can be installed in the utility’s data center allowing for local administration and support by the utility’s trained IT staff. Either approach offers the utility the most advanced remote sensor management and analysis platform available.

Field Area Network

Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System was designed to support the most widely used field area networks in the utility industry today. The Sentient Energy MM3 intelligent sensor is available with wireless communications capability that leverages 3G and 4G cellular technology. It is also available with RF Mesh technology from both Silver Spring Networks and Landis+Gyr. No matter which wireless communications technology is used, the Sentient Energy Grid Analytics System delivers near real-time alerts and notifications from thousands of points on the grid directly to the utility’s SCADA system and to Sentient Energy’s Ample Analytics platform for long-term analysis, system planning and power quality studies.