SAIDI… SAIFI… Sentient Energy — Everywhere at DistribuTECH 2018

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Sentient Energy showcased its Complete Grid Analytics System at DistribuTECH 2018, including the newest release of its Ample grid analytics software, the ZM1™ sensor for deployment at low or no amperage locations, and the new UM3+™, the world’s first intelligent sensor for underground deployment. With the UM3+™, for the first time, utilities will have the ability to manage SAIFI, SAIDI and DERMS across their padmount, manhole and vault infrastructure.

Sentient Energy’s intelligent sensors and analytics will play a transformational role in grid modernization as more and more distributed energy resources (DER) such PV Solar and storage batteries are added. Currently, distribution companies have little real-time control or visibility into these assets that create a bidirectional power flow that must be carefully integrated with bulk generation. The Sentient Energy Grid Analytics System will set the foundation for the “Intelligent Sensing, Control and Analytics Networks” (ISCAN) that will be needed to cover the entire six million miles of the U.S. distribution grid — both overhead and underground.