Sentient Energy’s MM3 Intelligent Sensors for Southern Linc add visibility and intelligence to the distribution grid, giving Southern Linc customers a boost in reliability and grid analytics.

Burlingame, CA, Sept. 4, 2019 – Sentient Energy, Inc., a leading provider of advanced grid monitoring and analytics for electric utilities, today announced that they have partnered with Southern Linc, a Southern Company (NYSE: SO) to bring their industry-leading intelligent sensors and grid analytics system to Southern Linc customers.

The Southern Linc – Sentient Energy agreement brings together two leading platforms: a mission-critical LTE network from Southern Linc and Sentient Energy’s proven, reliable analytics platform of sensors, software, and analytics. Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System covers an entire distribution network with quickly-deployed intelligent sensors and analytics that identify and analyze potential faults and other grid events. Sentient Energy’s advanced line sensors and analytics coupled with Southern Linc’s 4G LTE Advanced network will deliver a robust and reliable distribution grid system for utility customers.

“We are very excited to partner with Sentient Energy,” said Southern Linc President and CEO Tami Barron. “Sentient Energy was certified on our CriticalLinc™ 4G LTE Advanced network so we can provide our customers with a redundant, reliable, secure wireless communication network plus Sentient Energy’s best-in-class Grid Analytics System.”

Sentient Energy’s MM3 intelligent sensors can be quickly installed with a hotstick. Once installed, MM3s can accurately pinpoint and isolate a fault whether from vegetation or other disruptions and restoration teams can go straight to the source to take care of the issue. The Sentient Energy Ample software platform provides advanced grid analytics to proactively monitor and analyze grid activity and expand fault, momentary and disturbance detection.

“Sentient Energy’s Intelligent Sensors provide visibility into our customers distribution grid real time operating conditions. This includes phase identification, feeder load balancing, potential overload conditions, disturbance detection and instantaneous fault locations,” said James Keener, CEO of Sentient Energy.  “This information supports daily operations as well as giving valuable information to system planners.  The information captured by each intelligent sensor supports the over all analytics effort enabling predictive maintenance reducing both the frequency and duration of outages.”

Sentient Energy Intelligent Sensors not only enable utilities to reduce CMI through SAIDI, SAIFI and MAIFI improvements, they capture critical real time operating data which enable engineers and data scientists to develop applications, drive efficiency, reliability, public safety and achieve overall greater grid performance.

“Sentient Energy is excited to provide the first-ever certified IoT device for distribution monitoring on the Southern Linc network; it is a testament to the excellent partnering of both teams,” said Venkat Bahl, Chief Revenue Officer at Sentient Energy. “Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System will enable Southern Linc’s utility customers to rapidly deploy and reap benefits from improved reliability and lower operational costs.”

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About Southern Linc

Southern Linc is a wireless communications company backed by the strength and reliability of Southern Company. Southern Linc’s CriticalLinc™ 4G LTE Advanced wireless network was designed specifically to meet the growing mission-critical voice and data needs of business, government, and our largest customers, Southern Company’s electric utilities. For more information, please call 1-800-818-LINC (5462) or visit

About Sentient Energy, Inc.

Sentient Energy is the premier Intelligent Sensing Platform Provider for power utilities.  Sentient Energy provides the industry’s only Grid Analytics System that covers the entire distribution network with quickly deployed intelligent sensors and analytics that identify and analyze potential faults and other grid events.  Sentient Energy leads the market with the largest mesh network line sensor deployments in North America helping utilities deliver power reliably and safely.  Sentient partners with leading utility network providers including Landis + Gyr, Itron, Verizon, AT&T and Telus.

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