Ample Analytics Platform

The Ample Analytics platform is a scalable solution for the management of Sentient Energy’s MM3 line monitors and the viewing and analysis of massive amounts of remote sensor data. Ample serves not only as the data repository and analytics platform but as the integration platform for SCADA and DMS.

Sensors, Apps, and Analytics

Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System consists of MM3™ Line Monitors, distributed applications, and the Ample Analytics Platform. The Ample™ Analytics platform provides everything needed to manage field monitoring devices and the immense amount of data that they collect. Ample’s analytic modules extract essential insights from complex data empowering operators, planners and protection engineers to make timely and accurate decisions while managing the distribution grid.

Powerful Platform Simplifies Management of Even the Largest Deployments

Sentient Energy line monitors provide exceptional detail on the operating characteristics of the electric network from multiple locations on the grid. The Ample Analytics platform records that data, analyzes it over time, and provides the engineer with feeder, circuit, and system-wide insights. Ample™ simplifies large deployments by managing the sensors from manufacturing through provisioning and configuration. Installations of tens to thousands of monitors are practical with Ample’s group management feature that allows for the logical grouping of devices to aid in administration, reporting, and analysis. Ample includes all the tools needed to install, manage and leverage an extensive line monitoring deployment.

Flexible Deployment and Data Hosting Gets You Started Quickly with Minimal IT Investment

Ample has been designed and developed to offer flexible deployment options. Ample is offered as a fully-hosted solution that enables the utility to get started quickly with minimal IT investment. The Ample hosted solution includes all required data-center hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades, and IT support, with the data stored securely at Sentient Energy’s data center. Optionally, Ample can be installed in the utility’s data center allowing for local administration and support by the utility’s trained IT staff. Either approach offers the utility the most advanced remote sensor management and analysis platform available.

Optimize the flow of fault and other data to SCADA

Many utilities want fault data to go directly to SCADA in near real time. Ample was designed to complement SCADA by allowing certain data, such as fault data, to be transmitted directly into SCADA while other data, such as interval load data and oscillography, to flow into Ample. Ample becomes the repository for long-term historical data while SCADA continues to be the system of record for real-time operational data. Alternatively, if no SCADA system is available, Ample can be the primary repository and analysis platform for all the captured line monitor data.

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