Traveling arcs are an infrequent but potentially destructive electrical phenomena whose effects on the electrical system are poorly understood. Sentient’s patent-pending ArcShield™ prevents damage to our sensor and the conductor caused by traveling arcs with 100% reliability.

A Major Innovation in Distribution Line Safety and Reliability

When deployed with the Sentient Energy MM3 line monitor, Sentient ArcShield™ prevents damage to distribution line conductors, as well as other wire and pole mounted equipment from traveling electrical arcs caused by faulty equipment, vegetation encroachment, or lightning strikes. Sentient ArcShield also prevents a traveling arc from damaging the MM3, so it can detect, record, and communicate the event with full functionality.

Rigorous Testing Proves 100% Reliability

The Sentient ArcShield has been subjected to extensive and rigorous testing at the KEMA High-Power Electricity Testing Lab in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. After repeated exposure to simulated, high-voltage traveling arcs, the ArcShield proved 100% reliable in preventing damage to the conductor, as well as to the MM3 line monitor, while allowing the MM3 to communicate the occurrence and location of the event without interference.

Developed with Support and Guidance of Utility Leader

Sentient Energy developed Sentient ArcShield with guidance and technical support from one of the Industry’s most respected reliability leaders. When added to the Sentient’s MM3™ distribution line monitor, the MM3 is optimal for deployment in challenging areas such as those with a high frequency of lightning strikes or moderate to severe vegetation encroachment issues.

View a short video on the advanced research that went into the development of the Sentient ArcShield™