Sentient Energy’s MM3™ line monitor is a powerful Linux-based sensor designed to be the basis of a diverse set of distributed applications deployed across the grid. The MM3, itself, is outfitted with a sophisticated set of sensors which are carefully calibrated at the factory for full NIST traceability.

Powerful Platform for Advanced Applications

This sensing and measurement capability includes current, conductor temperature, and voltage characteristics, as well as an onboard accelerometer, GPS for location and precision clock, and secure Bluetooth® for local communications. Wireless communications is included in the MM3 allowing all data, notifications and updates to be communicated over the air.

Designed for the most demanding utility applications

The MM3™ is designed for a long, maintenance-free life. Sentient Energy’s patent-pending power harvesting technology, IBOLT™, generates all the power the MM3™ needs from the magnetic field surrounding a conductor carrying as little a 6A – no solar panels to clean, no batteries to change and no pole-mounted equipment required. Installation takes minutes.

Advanced Applications Installed Wirelessly – Where and When You Need Them

A growing family of advanced software “apps” leverages the MM3 core sensing capability to deliver unique functionality in the field. Apps are installed and configured wirelessly much like apps are installed on a Smartphone. This allows the utility to pick and choose the specific apps needed at various locations on the grid and configure those apps to perform as needed.

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    What are Intelligent Line Sensors and How Do They Help You?

      Key Features Include

      • Sentient Energy cFCI® (fault and loss-of-source detection)
      • Sentient Energy Log-I (interval data logging)
      • Sentient Energy Waveform (high-resolution waveform capture)

      The MM3 platform enables all apps to process captured data locally – categorize faults, analyze trending data, derive useful metadata and generate essential alerts and notifications – effectively turning raw data in the field into focused, actionable intelligence in the office. This local processing greatly reduces the burden and data charges on the wireless communications network by transmitting only key event information, in real time and by exception, while forwarding detailed data only upon operator request or when bandwidth is available.

      Sentient Energy’s cFCI® brings the industry’s most comprehensive fault detection algorithms to the Sentient Energy MM3™ line monitor platform. cFCI detects faults and captures their detailed characteristics delivering that information wirelessly via DNP3 to SCADA, DMS and Sentient Energy’s Ample™ Analytics platform.

      Re-defining the Conventional FCI
      Traditional fault indicators have long been used to assist patrolling line crews with finding the location of a fault. These FCIs were useful, but their functionality, reliability and lifespan were limited. Sentient Energy’s MM3™ Line Monitor running the cFCI® app combines advanced fault detection algorithms with the MM3’s line-powered, wirelessly communicating sensor platform. With cFCI®, an operator can dispatch the crew to the correct location based on an immediate alert notification and the daylight-visible LED that tells the crew they’ve arrived at the proper site.

      Key features include:

      • Fault current measurement
      • Fault magnitude measurement
      • Multiple fault detection algorithms and in-rush restraint options
      • Fault waveform (oscillography) capture
      • Loss-of-source detection
      • Impervious to adjacent fields and high-frequency false tripping
      • IEEE 495-2007 compliant
      • NIST traceable fault and load measurements
      • Immediate confirmation of service restoration

      Advanced Power Management Reduces O&M
      Sentient Energy’s patent-pending IBOLT™ power-harvesting technology generates all the power needed for real-time fault detection and wireless communications. IBOLT generates sufficient power even from low current distribution lines, eliminating the need for unreliable solar panels, failing batteries, pole-mounted RTUs, or other secondary power requirements.

      Powerful Platform Offers Advanced Applications
      The cFCI app takes advantage of the Sentient Energy MM3’s powerful Linux-based design that features gigabits of local storage and runs sophisticated software applications. This powerful platform enables cFCI to operate as a superior fault detection device while simultaneously running other optional apps including interval load logging and advanced waveform analytics.

      Fully Programmable and Wirelessly Configurable for Simple Upgrades
      MM3-based apps such as cFCI are wirelessly configurable allowing parameters to be adjusted as needed to address changing requirements and unique situations. Parameters can be altered “over the air” at any time to all or a subset of MM3s. Operating system and application software can also be upgraded wirelessly, as needed, to ensure many years of reliable service.

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