Power Quality Analysis

Understanding the root cause of a network event, such as a momentary outage, often requires analyzing the oscillography or “waveform” data associated with that event. The problem, however, is that waveform data is often available only at the substation which is too far from the event to be useful. Only a widespread remote sensor network has a “footprint” across the entire distribution system and, therefore, the ability to capture waveform data close to the source of the problem.

The Sentient Energy MM3™ running the Waveform application captures substation-class oscillography associated with faults and network events anywhere on the distribution grid and transmits key data or the entire waveform wirelessly, as needed, to Sentient’s Ample™ Analytics platform for further analysis.

High-resolution means optimal analysis

Waveform data is captured at 130 samples per cycle, exceeding the sampling rate of most substation-based equipment. Sentient’s Waveform application uses proprietary, patent-pending algorithms to analyze the high-resolution data and precisely determine the real sub-cycle boundaries of all disturbances. This is essential groundwork for further processing and analysis, and for allowing systematic comparison to known event libraries for diagnosis of the likely cause.

Waveform’s high-sampling rate gives utilities information on 1st through 11th harmonics. Harmonic content is measured, recorded and made available for analysis in Sentient’s Ample Analytics platform. Waveform data can be stored in Ample indefinitely for forensic studies of outages, device failures and proactive maintenance analysis.

Pre-failure analysis is essential to fault avoidance. High-resolution oscillography empowers distribution line management by providing insight into the cause of line problems. Insulator leakage, excessive arcing during capacitor switch operations, loose connectors — all cause anomalies that Waveform detects before an actual failure. Waveform analyzes these anomalies and alerts the operator when a likely cause is identified.

Waveform capture is one application available on the Sentient Energy MM3 line monitor. In addition to the Waveform application, applications are available for fault detection (cFCI®) and interval load logging (Log-I™).