Substation Monitoring

The Sentient Energy MM3™ line monitor with the Log-I™ interval load logging application offers the utility a simple and cost-effective solution for accurately monitoring load and other operational characteristics at any point on the grid. Specifically, an MM3 configured with Log-I makes a very compelling solution for Substation Monitoring due to its simple, non-disruptive installation and self-contained wireless communications capability.

Substations where full blown substation automation is not cost effective or is not yet complete make good candidates for monitoring using the MM3. The Log-I application is an advanced interval data logging solution that accurately captures conductor load, temperature, and e-Field data at user-defined intervals from 5 seconds to 15 minutes.

Reduce risk by operating on facts not estimates

Sentient’s MM3 Line Monitor running the Log-I application continually measures current, temperature, and the electric field, giving the utility engineer critical information for planning and system analysis. Utilities seeking to get the most out of their distribution assets will find that the MM3 with Log-I lets them operate closer to their maximum operating parameters. The Sentient Energy Log-I application lets you maximize asset utilization without increasing your risk of an outage by basing decisions on accurate, real data rather than best-guess simulations or state estimations.

  • Accurate data enables optimal planning

Sentient Energy Log-I provides alerts and daily peaks for convenient system monitoring. Based on accurate interval data, Log-I sends detailed information to Sentient’s Ample™ Analytics platform, including:

  • Average interval load and conductor temperature
  • Daily maximum and minimum current
  • Daily maximum and minimum temperature
  • Positive excursion over current threshold
  • Negative excursion below current threshold
  • Positive excursion over temperature threshold
  • Negative excursion below temperature threshold

Interval load logging is one application available on the Sentient Energy MM3 line monitor. In addition to the Log-I application, applications are available for fault detection (cFCI®) and high-resolution oscillography capture (Waveform).